Free Resources for Teaching Marketing Courses

Free textbooks


Rob Stokes + Red & Yellow

A free digital marketing textbook. I’ve not taught with it but I did read through the SEO section and it seemed legitimate to me. I used an earlier version of this book to obtain a digital marketing certification in 2007 so it’s been around for a while. Get the book.

Introduction to Consumer Behaviour

Andrea Niosi

Free to use and free to adapt (with proper attribution) this is a decent CB book. Note that there is also a companion book with case studies. Get the book.

Real World Clients

Aaron Charlton

This is actually my free book. The goals of the book are (1) provide more structure to the students so they don’t feel lost, and (2) deliver better finished products to the clients. It’s most useful for a capstone course (in lieu of case studies). Get the book.

Talking to Humans

Giff Constable

This book teaches customer discovery techniques that are popular in the startup world. It particularly emphasizes qualitative research (talking, buying, observing). The book is free for educators and students. He also has an excellent companion book called “Testing with Humans.” Get the book.

Free software

Google Analytics Demo Account

Practice data analysis of web analytics by reviewing transaction and browsing behavior data in the online Google Store.


This is the easiest way to get students up and running doing stats for free with no downloads, installations, or coding (though you can use it to learn to code in R, Python and Julia (coming soon).

Gravit Designer

Easy-to-use online graphic design tool. Free version lacks some features, but is sufficient for coursework. Full version is $39/year. I like it because it gives a lot more control than Canva but is much simpler than Adobe Illustrator. Think of it as Adobe Illustrator Light.

Other stats resources

There are many free stats books. Here are some really good ones:

For software, check out Rstudio Cloud and Jamovi.