Replications of Marketing Studies

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Chandrashekar et al (2022) replication of Johnson, Bellman & Lohse (2002) (ML)

Study or studies replicated: 1
Date replication became available: January 14, 2022
Project: Gilad Feldman Lab
Original journal: Marketing Letters
Unambiguous success: No

Original Replication
Article Johnson, E. J., Bellman, S., & Lohse, G. L. (2002). Defaults, framing and privacy: Why opting in-opting out1. Marketing letters, 13(1), 5-15. Chandrashekar, S., Adelina, N., Zeng, S., Esther, C. Y. Y., Leung, G. Y. S., Henne, P., … Feldman, G. (2022, January 14). Defaults versus framing: Revisiting Default Effect and Framing Effect with replications and extensions of Johnson and Goldstein (2003) and Johnson, Bellman, and Lohse (2002).
Sample N=277 online panel N=1920 Mturk