Replications of Marketing Studies

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Simmons & Nelson (2020) replication of Wu, Moore & Fitzsimons (2019) (JCR)

Study or studies replicated: 3
Date replication became available: January 15, 2020
Project: Data Replicada
Original journal: Journal of Consumer Research
Unambiguous success: No
Notes: The 3-way interaction worked in one study but the shape of the interaction did not support the original hypotheses

Original Replication
Article Eugenia C Wu, Sarah G Moore, Gavan J Fitzsimons, Wine for the Table: Self-Construal, Group Size, and Choice for Self and Others, Journal of Consumer Research, Volume 46, Issue 3, October 2019, Pages 508–527,
Sample N=250 Mturk N=1118 Mturk; N=1305 Mturk