Replications of Marketing Studies

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Tunca, Ziano & Wenting (2022) replication of Dubois, Rucker & Galinsky (2012) (JCR)

Study or studies replicated: 1
Date replication became available: April 19, 2020
Original journal: Journal of Consumer Research
Unambiguous success: No

ArticleDubois, David, Derek D. Rucker, and Adam D. Galinsky. “Super size me: Product size as a signal of status.” Journal of Consumer Research 38, no. 6 (2012): 1047-1062.Tunca, B., Ziano, I., & Wenting, X. (2022). Super-size me: an unsuccessful preregistered replication of the effect of product size on status signaling. Meta-Psychology, 6.
SampleN=183 undergraduatesN=415 Mturk