Replications of Marketing Studies

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O’Donnell et al (2021) replication of Tully, Hershfield & Meyvis (2015) (JCR)

Study or studies replicated: 5
Date replication became available: November 2, 2021
Project: Scarcity PNAS
Original journal: Journal of Consumer Research
Unambiguous success: Yes

ArticleS. M. Tully, H. E. Hershfield, T. Meyvis, Seeking lasting enjoyment with limited money: Financial constraints increase preference for material goods over experiences. J. Consum. Res. 42, 59–75O’Donnell, M., Dev, A. S., Antonoplis, S., Baum, S. M., Benedetti, A. H., Brown, N. D., … & Nelson, L. D. (2021). Empirical audit and review and an assessment of evidentiary value in research on the psychological consequences of scarcity. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 118(44).
SampleN=407 MturkN=712 Mturk