Replications of Marketing Studies

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Lohre et al 2024 replication of Karmarkar & Tormala 2010 (JCR)

Study or studies replicated: Experiment 2
Date replication became available: April 18, 2024
Original journal: Journal of Consumer Research
Unambiguous success: No

Original Replication
Article Karmarkar, U. R., & Tormala, Z. L. (2010). Believe me, I have no idea what I’m talking about: The effects of source certainty on consumer involvement and persuasion. Journal of Consumer Research, 36(6), 1033-1049. Erik Løhre, Subramanya Prasad Chandrashekar, Lewend Mayiwar, Thorvald Hærem, Uncertainty, expertise, and persuasion: A replication and extension of Karmarkar and Tormala (2010), Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, Volume 113, 2024, 104619, ISSN 0022-1031,
Sample 68 1018