Updating your CB (Consumer Behavior) course to reflect the replication crisis

According to Evanschitzky et al. (2007), teachers should ignore findings until they have been replicated. Unfortunately, only a very small portion of all marketing studies have withstood the scrutiny of direct, preregistered replication. Moreover, a lot of things came to light in 2021 that should give us pause before we blindly endorse the collective works in our field. Although we can’t expect the textbook industry to react instantaneously to this replication crisis, we as instructors should make every effort to be sure we are teaching our students things that are actually true. Until such time as we have a new textbook available, here are some suggestions for folding in new content that gives fair treatment to replicable research, the replication crisis itself, and its most practical solutions.

Lecture content suggestions

All of these slides and videos cover the replication crisis and propose solutions.

Ideas for papers to assign

I’m doing my best to curate lists of verifiable, quality marketing papers. If there are any I should add please let me know!

Let’s crowdsource this

If you have any additional suggestions, please drop them in the comments!
Another cool thing that we could do is work together collaboratively to develop some modernized resources to supplement the textbooks. If anybody would be willing to work on something like that I can help coordinate it. I have provided my book for free to anyone to use (Real World Clients: A Guide for Student Consultants), and I would be happy to help on other projects if people are interested in providing that kind of added value for the students and the community. I maintain a curated list of free books and software for marketing classes by the way. Such a project could find a home on that webpage.

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