Three strikes for marketing professor, Nicolas Guéguen (but he doesn’t appear to be out)

Nicolas Guéguen, a marketing professor at Université Bretagne Sud, now holds the title for most retractions of any currently working marketing professor with three. In honor of this occasion, I’ve created this catalog of all the articles about marketing’s most notorious professor who is still employed in the field.

In addition to three retractions, Guéguen has six Expressions of Concern at International Review of Social Psychology. I should note that an in-depth investigation of the articles was carried out by the journal which resulted in the recommendation that three of the articles be retracted due to evidence of scientific misconduct. The journal’s editorial team declined to do that and it seems that Guéguen’s employer, Université Bretagne Sud, has also refused to act because he’s still on their website, and everyone I’ve talked to says he still works there.

Blog posts from the investigators:

The Guéguen saga update, summer 2020 editionNick Brown29 June 2020
An open letter to Dr. Jerker RönnbergNick Brown10 July 2019
An update on our examination of the research of Dr. Nicolas GuéguenNick Brown09 May 2019
A review of the research of Dr. Nicolas GuéguenNick Brown18 December 2017
Long Hair, Don’t CareJames Heathers11 December 2017
More problematic sexual attraction research, this time with high heelsNick Brown04 December 2017
Life in the tinder boxJames Heathers01 December 2017
Some problems in a field study of sexual attraction and hitchhikingNick Brown28 November 2017

Journalist coverage (English)

RetractionWatch (6 posts)Marcus, Oransky, KinkaidVarious
Dodgy sex-psychology paper finally gets retractedCathleen O’Grady16 October 2019
Were These Well-Known Gender Studies Just Made Up?Robby Berman1 December 2017
Researchers find oddities in high-profile gender studiesCathleen O’Grady28 November 2017

Journalist coverage (French)

Requiem pour les «études à la con»? | Slate.frPeggy Sastre6 January 2018
Les méthodes du chercheur Nicolas Guéguen sur la sellettePar Hervé Morin19 December 2017


Guéguen has two more Expressions of Concern (in addition to the 6 mentioned above). That makes a total of 3 retractions and 8 Expressions of Concern.

  1. Expression of Concern: Women’s hairstyle and men’s behavior: A field experiment
  2. Expression of Concern About Dr. Nicolas Guéguen’s Article Published in the Letters on Evolutionary Behavioral Science (LEBS)

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