The purpose of Open MKT is to increase transparency and quality of marketing research published in academic journals. If you have any suggestions for this site, please let the maintainer, Aaron Charlton, know (contact link in footer).

Research Trackers

ReplicationsA catalog of high-powered, preregistered direct replications of marketing articles
RetractionsA catalog of retractions of marketing articles.
Preregisted studiesArticles that have multiple preregistered studies and show good evidential value (low p-values).
Bias studiesThese are studies that evidence of systemic bias in marketing research (publication bias, p-hacking, low power, HARKing).

Other research resources

You can find links to articles about data fabrication/data anomalies, mass replication projects and conceptual replications on the main research page.

Teaching tools

All of the teaching and learning resources are on the teaching page.

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